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Becca Whelan: (stylist)

 My biggest motivation as a stylist would have to be my fascination with the individual. Its the small things that make everyone so unique from the next, and these slight nuances are where I find the most beauty. With a BFA in photography I am trained to look at the smallest details while also paying close attention to composition and structure, which is quite similar to how I approach every client. In other words, the details matter as much as the bigger picture and end result.   

 I love every aspect of hair, and don't know if I would ever be able to say I hold one facet of styling above the next. This is probably because I tend to thrive on variety and versatility. On the same note, I am consistently trying to broaden my knowledge and skill set while welcoming change that inspires growth. I have worked in and out of salons since I was 17, and have never wanted to be anywhere else. I am trained in Sassoon Cutting, and have a very broad knowledge of Color Theory. I have taken more styling classes than I can count and adore finishing hair; may that be a saucy blow out, a formal up-do, or some bouncy curls. I find inspiration all around me, but am most inspired by the people I get to interact with. 

 I love hair, and would love to get know you. xoxo